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A Respected Local Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Western Kentucky

For nearly a century, McGee Law Office has stood for quality and dependability in its home county of Livingston County and the surrounding areas. The firm is known for its reliable and full-service legal advice and representation in criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. Since the firm’s founding in 1928, meeting the needs of many area residents has been at the heart of the law practice. By clicking on the tab for “Felony Offenses” or “Misdemeanors,” a sample of attorney McGee’s past cases can be seen.

Attorney William F. McGee Jr. brings trial acumen and deep familiarity with customizable legal solutions to suit each client’s expectations and each case’s direction.

How Often Do Criminal Cases Go To Trial?

Not many criminal cases make it to trial. Instead, about 98% are resolved through plea bargains or negotiations between the defense and prosecution. This trend is common due to factors such as limited court resources, the potential for lengthy trial processes and the uncertainty of trial outcomes.

You need to adhere to strict legal procedures and rules of evidence during trials. Both prosecution and defense must navigate these complexities throughout the trial process to achieve a favorable outcome. Failure to do so can result in procedural errors, mistrials or appeals, prolonging the legal proceedings and adding to the costs and uncertainties associated with trials.

Prosecutors often prefer plea deals as they secure convictions without the time and expense of a trial. Additionally, defendants may also choose plea bargains to receive reduced charges or sentences, potentially avoiding the risk of harsher penalties if found guilty at trial. For some defendants, plea bargains offer significant relief from the stress of litigation.

While plea bargains offer a faster and often more predictable resolution to criminal cases, they require skilled negotiators to navigate effectively. When a trial isn’t in your best interest, your defense attorney can advocate for you during plea negotiations by:

  • Assessing the strength of the prosecution’s case and potential defenses
  • Negotiating favorable terms for their clients, such as reduced charges or sentences
  • Understanding what can be leveraged in negotiations, reducing the chances you will accept an unfavorable plea deal or miss an opportunity for a better outcome
  • Ensuring you fully understand the implications of accepting a plea deal, including any collateral consequences
  • Empowering you to make decisions that are aligned with your best interests

From resource constraints and procedural technicalities to risk assessments and client considerations, these elements collectively shape the rising inclination for plea bargains as one of the best routes for case resolution. This approach seeks to balance efficiency with fairness.

Defending People Charged With Felonies And Misdemeanors

Attorney William McGee can also represent clients facing charges for misdemeanors, which are generally punishable by less than a year in jail. They include offenses such as less than fourth-time occurrences of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, drug possession, domestic violence and other violent crimes, and theft offenses below a set dollar amount.

Clients facing felony charges. Felonies in Kentucky are more severe crimes, which are punishable by death or a year or more in prison. Examples include murder, manslaughter, rape, drug trafficking, assault, wanton endangerment, and theft of property over a set dollar amount.

Because of the difference in penalties and one’s criminal record, one defense for people charged with felonies is to seek lower charges at the misdemeanor level. At McGee Law Office, attorney McGee always pursues the least punitive classification of someone’s criminal charges – and favorable outcomes such as the dismissal of charges whenever possible.

Prevent A Criminal Record If Possible. Request A Consultation With A Skilled Defense Attorney.

As the sole practitioner at one of the most established firms in Livingston County, and the only trial lawyer in the county, Attorney McGee is deeply familiar with local criminal courts, including the sentencing tendencies in each one. If you have been charged with a crime in Livingston County or a neighboring county, reach out to McGee Law Office for your future’s sake.

Meet with attorney McGee for a free consultation or schedule a consultation by phone at 270-854-1885 or by email.