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Criminal Defense, Family Law and Trial Lawyers for Livingston, Crittenden, Lyon, Caldwell, Marshall and McCracken Counties and Western Kentucky in the Same Family and in the Same Location since 1928

Hard Fought Outcomes And A History Of Excellence

The McGee Law Office is one of the oldest law firms in Kentucky. The McGee Law Office was established by my grandfather, Raymond B. Dycus, in 1928. My father, William McGee Sr., who is now "of counsel"  and is no longer actively practicing, continued the tradition after decorated military service in Vietnam for which he received a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. After graduating from Centre College and the University of Kentucky College of Law, I have been fortunate to carry on the family's law practice for the last 25 years in Smithland located in Livingston County.m

For over 90 years, our family of lawyers has served clients throughout Livingston, Crittenden, Lyon, Marshall, Caldwell and McCracken counties. At our firm, we vigorously protect and defend the rights of individuals and institutions throughout Livingston County and the surrounding areas. We are experienced and committed criminal defense, civil and family law attorneys.

Civil Litigation—Criminal Trials—Hard Fought Results

At McGee Law Office, we offer clients a successful trial and litigation firm where Billy McGee has successfully argued cases to a jury and has successfully argued cases before the Kentucky Supreme Court and Kentucky Court of Appeals that are cited in courts throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky today.   A history of successful jury verdicts and "published" appellate decisions can be found in criminal law (murder and drug trafficking), family law, personal injury and civil matters.

Over the last 25 years, Billy McGee has successfully defended individuals in highly publicized criminal cases in Western Kentucky including several publicized murder cases and drug trafficking cases.  A successful history can also be found in personal injury jury verdicts and will contest verdicts.  There is also extensive history focusing on family law.  The office is a litigation and trial law firm. The office helps clients resolve a variety of legal matters, including:

Smithland is in rural Kentucky and as born-and-bred Kentucky attorneys, we know precisely what it takes to build a compelling case that will give you the best chance of staying out of prison; resolving your divorce and mediation issues favorably; getting you the financial settlements you deserve after a severe injury to you or a loved one; or challenging/upholding a Last Will and Testament that is contested.

Our practice focuses on helping rural Kentucky residents resolve their legal problems in a comprehensive and efficient manner. We are litigators and trial attorneys who will take your case to the highest courts in the land.  We have extensive appellate experience in every area of the law in which we practice allowing your interests to be protected throughout the entire process.

Contact Billy McGee To Begin Protecting Yourself Today

We are especially proud of our criminal defense and civil litigation track record in front of juries.  To discuss your specific circumstances and how we can help you, call our office at 800-594-5452 or email our office. We are happy to represent clients in Livingston County and all surrounding counties.

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