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Felony and Misdemeanor Charges in Livingston, Crittenden, Lyon, Caldwell, Marshall and McCracken Counties


As a litigation firm, we have successfully represented clients charged with crimes in every court in Kentucky from District Court up through the Kentucky Supreme Court.  We are one of the few firms in Western Kentucky that have successfully argued against a "writ of certioria" in a criminal case filed with the United States Supreme Court by Kentucky's Attorney General.  We are one of the few firms in Western Kentucky that have successfully argued landmark criminal cases in murder and drug trafficking before the Kentucky Supreme Court.

We are not a simple DUI and traffic violations criminal defense law firm. At McGee Law Office, we represent clients facing serious criminal allegations including murder and criminal sexual conduct. In many cases, our clients are facing decades in prison— sometimes life in prison. If you have been charged with criminal charges, you need a law firm with a history of successful outcomes in felony and misdemeanor charges.

We help clients get reduced sentences, less serious charges and when possible, stay out of prison. When the stakes are this high, the Western Kentucky attorney you select matters. Giving yourself the best chance to stay out of prison means hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney who is willing to take your case all the way up to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

We have successfully helped clients facing first-degree murder charges based on circumstantial evidence get "not guilty" verdicts. We are good at what we do and what we do is protect your Constitutional rights and try cases in front of juries. The government should not be able to put you in prison without proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. We will use all legal and ethical means to challenge the case against you.

Skilled And Passionate Advocacy

Our law firm has the necessary experience, skill and passion to launch a comprehensive legal defense. At our law firm, your case won't be handled by a junior partner. Billy McGee will investigate, research and present your case himself. Our firm succeeds because Billy McGee handles every aspect of your case— from beginning to end.

This hands-on criminal defense approach lies at the core of our firm's success.  We treat every criminal defense case like it is our only one. A great criminal defense begins with candid and straightforward conversations. It is important to us that we build great relationships with our clients based on trust and integrity.

Launch Your Defense Today

As a trial law firm, we routinely try difficult cases in front of judges and juries with hard fought outcomes. For legal assistance in your criminal case, contact Billy McGee at 800-594-5452 or email the firm online.

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