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Livingston County Divorce Attorneys

Kentucky courts consider many factors when deciding which parent should get custody. The current standard considers what is in the best interest of the child or children. Our Livingston County divorce lawyers are experienced in negotiating, mediating and litigating child custody and child support issues. Whether you are interested in negotiating a joint parenting plan or want to petition for sole legal or physical custody, our firm has a successful track record of asserting the custody rights of divorcing parents throughout Western Kentucky.

Child Support Payments And Enforcements

Our firm provides parents with the resources to plan, challenge and enforce child support orders. Although child support payments depend largely on state statutes, issues such as custody, adequate financial research and employment can alter the child support grants. At the heart of a fair child support payment is legwork. Simply put, your attorneys and your firm must be willing to do the legal and financial research necessary to build a complete picture of your family's needs and finances. We take our duty to present the best possible case seriously. We have many years of experience modifying, negotiating and challenging child support orders.

Family Specialists And Evaluations

It is unfortunate when parents cannot decide on a custody arrangement. In these cases, both parties will have the opportunity to argue for custody at a hearing. We use multiple legal strategies to represent you during custody hearings. Our goal is to give the family law judge all of the information necessary to award you the best possible custody arrangement.

Our firm goes to great lengths to ensure we present a comprehensive case to family law judges in the Western Kentucky area. Whenever it is appropriate, our attorneys will hire therapists to evaluate parents and their children. We believe that the independent testimony of psychologists and family therapists in court is one of the best ways to persuade a judge about appropriate child custody arrangements. With an evaluation from a therapist, the judge can hear about the best interests of the child from an independent medical expert.

De Facto Custodians

Kentucky's family laws do grant custody of children to grandparents and other nonparents in unique circumstances. If you seek visitation rights or custody rights over children who are not yours, our firm will evaluate your case to determine whether you have a legal claim to the children. In general the children must live with you for a year or more and you must be willing to step in as a parent.

Free Family Law Consultations

Our office can help you successfully sort out child custody and child support issues. Please call 800-594-5452 or email our office to schedule a free consultation.

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