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Livingston County Family Law Attorneys

Livingston County Family Law Attorneys

Kentucky family law is complicated and divorcing individuals need an experienced Western Kentucky lawyer who will use all available legal means to help dissolve a marriage, equitably divide joint assets and fairly allocate child custody time. At the McGee Law Office, Billy McGee has helped clients successfully navigate family law and divorce issues for over 20 years.

High Net Worth Divorce Law Firm

One of the most difficult parts of a divorce is dividing substantial marital assets and determining child custody matters. When couples have accumulated significant financial assets during their marriage, divorce can become difficult and acrimonious. By investigating thoroughly and asserting your rights to marital property, our firm will work to ensure that you are not robbed of your assets.

We represented a wife whose husband hid $2,000,000 by transferring the money to a family member. Our firm discovered the transfer and challenged it in court. Our client was awarded $2,000,000 after successful representation at each court level up through the Kentucky Supreme Court. The McGee Law Office will investigate every aspect of your divorce and protect your finances.

Family Law Advocacy You Can Rely On

For over 20 years, Billy McGee has helped divorcing individuals protect their financial assets and gain custody of their children while going through a divorce in Livingston County and surrounding counties. The McGee Law Office uses litigation, mediation and negotiation strategies to help clients resolve their marital issues. Billy McGee is an experienced mediator who has handled numerous mediation cases.

The mediation aspect of our firm's family law practice offers a real alternative to litigation. Clients whose cases are appropriate for mediation are able to avoid the time, money and emotional upheaval associated with a traditional divorce proceeding. Whenever possible, we urge clients to resolve their divorce by going through mediation rather than family law hearings.

There are many factors which must be considered in a divorce. Billy McGee's approach to the law is to engage in intensive legal and investigative research for every case so that all of the bases are covered. At our firm, you will not be passed on to a junior partner; Mr. McGee himself prepares every aspect of each case.

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